Bryn Mawr

In no more than one page tell us what you think you would gain from the educational experience at Bryn Mawr and what you would contribute to the community.

It had been raining and windy all morning. The conditions were not ideal for a college tour, but off I went to see Bryn Mawr. Upon my arrival on campus, I was captivated by the women at Bryn Mawr. These women looked confident, focused, and creative, but most of all, they are individuals. This is exactly the kind of woman I strive to be. After taking the tour, I realized that discussing current events is a very common thing at Bryn Mawr, everything from politics to religion. This provides me with the perfect opportunity to develop my personal ideas, opinions, and ambitions as a young woman and learn to support my own beliefs. From what I saw, Bryn Mawr is also a place where women are not afraid to speak their minds, but they do so with great modesty and respect. There is an undeniable strength and confidence in every single one of these women that will create a uniquely empowering college experience and prepare me to grow into the independent young woman that I so long to become.In the next four years, I hope not just to develop my own voice but also to feed my passion for learning. I have a strong interest in psychology and cognitive sciences. Bryn Mawr’s psychology department, containing a diverse collection of concentrations, would be perfect for pursuing these interests. Bryn Mawr has a competitive program that prepares its students with the skills and strength for life and work after college. However, it is also perfectly balanced with the nurturing support of the college community. Professors are entirely dedicated to teaching undergraduates, providing the guidance and attention that every student needs to succeed. Furthermore, if I find another interest in the course of my four years in college, Bryn Mawr, one of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation, can provide me with the chance to explore other subjects without difficulty. I can even extend this exploration by studying abroad and adding a cultural aspect to this educational experience. In return for everything that Bryn Mawr would give me, I would also have the chance to contribute to the community in my own way. For the past two years, I have been leading a community service called A.R.T.E., standing for Artistically Reviving the Earth. By raising money at local craft fairs and organizing a mural for our school, my group and I were able to raise hundreds of dollars to send to villages in third world countries. The children in these villages were supplied with educational materials which helped improve their lives one bit at a time. I also participate in the I.D.E.A.S. Center at my high school, tutoring fellow students while also making new friends. For the next four years in college, I plan to continue giving back to the community by helping those around me and also those in various parts of the world by joining some of the many student organizations in Bryn Mawr. Being a student at Bryn Mawr would be perfect for fulfilling these plans, as Bryn Mawr is an institution in which there is a common goal to use our education to help those around us. I can also contribute to the college’s community by bringing my eclectic mix of interests. As the co-leader of an a cappella group and an amateur composer of piano and vocal songs, I can bring a passion for music that I can share with others. Throughout high school, I have also been very involved in sports, especially as a captain of the tennis team. At Bryn Mawr, I would also be thrilled to be part of the athletic community and participate in the varsity sports program or the student recreational sports clubs. With so many possibilities, I can extend myself and contribute to the Bryn Mawr communities with all of my passions. I am ready and eager for the Bryn Mawr experience, one that emphasizes learning or taking, as well as giving.

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