Creative Writing

Tell us about the academic areas which interest you most and your reasons for applying to Brown.

As a young aficionado of poetry and prose, I would love more than anything to develop my skills through a disciplined and distinguished writing program, and Brown offers just that. Believing that one must be a great reader before becoming a great writer, I indulge in books of every genre to expand my range of knowledge. Literature brings me a truly indescribable joy, and I wish to carry my fondness for reading and writing into my course of study. Brown’s Literary Arts concentration provides the opportunity for students to place an emphasis on creative writing and will allow (and encourage) me to channel my passion for poetry into academia. Buoyed by my experience as the founder and president of our school’s Poetry Club, I plan to enroll in the Honors for Creative Writing program to satisfy my perpetual craving for remarkable literature. I picture myself grabbing a turkey and cheese sandwich (with no mayonnaise) at Josiah’s, then rushing off to a creative writing workshop with an armful of books by Maya Angelou and Billy Collins. Having been featured in a myriad of publications, I roll up my sleeves and organize literary pieces in Brown’s Clerestory Journal of the Arts. Fellow members of the Word! Performance Poetry Group and I perform choral readings of professional works as well as our own daring lines. During workshops, my very soul seeps steadily from brain to ballpoint, producing painstakingly arranged ink on paper, a painting made of letters.

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