Brain Food

Why Brown?

Why Brown?I consistently bite off more than I think that I can chew, but end up loving what I’ve digested. To feed my intellectual appetite I wish to go to a college with endless options and opportunities, and Brown is that college. With Brown’s rigorous but open curriculum I would have the freedom to explore my interests of economics, literature, and biology in depth.I plan to double major in economics and English literature. While debate has gotten me excited about understanding fiscal structure, I am most interested in the philosophical background of economics. I love biology because it reveals the way living things work, and economics is similar because it shows the functioning of society. The study of emotion and meaning through literature allows for the exploration of the human spirit. Brown’s open curriculum would free me to study all of my areas of interest, and its open minds would help develop my search for knowledge and meaning. I know that I would be busy, but I would also be stimulated and engaged in my diverse education.I am a passionate learner and I am confident that I will have a great experience no matter where I go to school, but Brown is my top choice because I believe that it would provide me with exceptional growth. There is so much reading, writing, discussing, and thinking that I want to do in so many areas, and I believe that at Brown I would have the freedom to transcend the superficial forms of those actions and reach the core of learning and being.

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