An Epiphany on College Hill

Why Brown University?

As I stood in front of the fourteen-story Sciences Library, a crisp autumn wind blew across my face. I felt the biting cold rush across my cheeks as the trees lining my path rustled in the gust. I reflected on the campus scene around me and I had an epiphany: there is nowhere else in the world where I would prefer to spend the next four years of my life. At that moment, I realized Brown University was the ideal school for me. I felt certain that Brown would both enhance my intellect and quench my thirst for new experiences. Walking from the library towards the Admissions Office on the corner of Prospect Street, I began to envision the treasures that I would discover in the heart of Providence.Over the previous months, I had asked current Brown students an endless series of questions, and I noticed that many students shared a driving passion for their individual interests. I found their common desire to explore unknowns and their unwavering confidence in the excellence of the university truly remarkable. My conversations with these students nearly convinced me to attend Brown, but I was still unsure that Brown could supply the array of experiences which I longed for.When I reached for a Brown brochure to learn more about the university, I realized that the answer was simple: Brown offers solutions. Brown University continues to offer numerous internships and career-building options to help expose students to the diversity and vitality of life beyond college. Brown’s faculty and administration dedicate themselves unwaveringly to the success of their students, and provide students with a constant stream of opportunities intended to advance their knowledge outside the world of academia. I believe that Brown’s Program in Liberal Medical Education will encourage me to further investigate my passion for medicine and help me to achieve my goal of becoming a physician.As I turned the corner of the Admissions Office onto a picturesque street in downtown Providence, I passed by quaint cafes and multiple historical attractions. With each building I became more confident that Brown was the place for me. I lived in New York City and Jersey City since I was five, and have always been attracted to the excitement of city life. Brown’s East Providence campus on College Hill maintains its city charm, and I believe that the stimulation of city life, coupled with the incomparable academic resources offered by Brown, will enable me to reach my potential both as a student and as an individual.My epiphany was not blind enthusiasm. I believe that a university should benefit as much from the presence of a given student as the student benefits from the university. On my campus visit, I truly felt a mutual connection between Brown and myself. I have never felt so drawn to a place, and I sincerely hope that the moments I spent strolling along the verdant lawns on campus sparked the beginning of an exciting, productive four-year relationship.

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