My Passion for Writing

The 18th century French philosopher Denis Diderot said, “Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things.” Describe one of your passions and reflect on how it has contributed to your personal growth.

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon it, but after I did, I became inspired and motivated. It was too surreal that a thirteen-year-old girl could have written and published a book at such a young age. The book was called In the Forests of the Night and it was written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.As a writer myself, I began to have hope that I would be able to publish a book. I was in sixth grade and I had found comfort in writing fiction, but this was also a naive time for me. Ever since I can recall, I have always liked to secretly compete with others. I wanted to be the youngest writer to have successfully published a book, but reality didn’t work that way.I was convinced that I would be able to finish my novel before my thirteenth birthday. I researched animals and drew sketches of my fantasy world. I printed out baby names and meanings to choose my character names wisely. I was so into creating my own story, so accustomed to this hobby that as high school started to pull me back into reality I began to lose grasp of my fantasy world.Now every time I write I get pulled back into my fantasy world. That world where I can reconstruct what I imagine and let my creativity flow to its max. This yearning to break free has allowed me to thrive out of my boundaries and think outside of the box. There are plenty of times where I’m not fully sucked back into my fantasy world because of daily distractions, but I do appreciate every moment I spend in there.The summer before senior year I remembered my past writing ambitions and decided to continue them but using a different story idea. I hoped to write a play manuscript about vampires so that it might be used in the spring play at my high school. I have this general layout in my head, inscribed in my fantasy world, waiting for me to take it up again. These ideas keep on floating around, expecting me to grab and make use of them.With my fantasy world, every time I experience anything I take in the outcomes with an open mind. I have some leeway to help shape my own character by learning through my past experiences. I am aided by my world to allow constructive criticism and different ideals of morals and beliefs to consider for my own character.Whether or not I decide to go into my fantasy world is my choice. With the good and the bad experiences, my fantasy world has always been so patient and lenient, just sitting there until I go back into it. Different interruptions throughout life have always caught my attention and distracted me from my fantasy world, but I can never deny that it’s always there for me no matter what. It is my foundation of living, my peace of mind, my everything.

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