My Israeli Obligation

Please expound upon what you plan to accomplish as an undergraduate student in general, and as a student at Brandeis University specifically.

Adolescent boys hurl Molotov cocktails at uniformed soldiers. Sniper fire silently slaughters innocent travelers on deserted highways. Mangled corpses sag from the windowsills of totaled buses. These macabre scenes characterize media portrayals of the land of Israel. As a result of these images, the world has an extremely limited view of Israel. Believing that danger lurks around every corner, humanity trembles with fear at the thought of setting foot in the Holy Land. Israel’s integrity has been compromised, its people have been ostracized, and its stature on the global stage has deteriorated.Wondrous relics of ancient civilization intertwine with imposing constructs of the modern world. Bustling modern cities, like Tel-Aviv and Haifa, boast vibrant beaches, exceptional restaurants, and contemporary conveniences. A resolute nation that advances a sense of purpose, camaraderie, and a deep love of country unequaled beyond its borders. As an Israeli-American, this is my perception of Israel, which starkly contrasts with media reports and general public perception. Israel’s intrepid achievements have been the foremost inspiration of my life.The media perpetuates an international image of Israel, and I am inspired towards reforming that image. I believe a liberal education in Israel will enable me to do so. Currently, I am engulfed in passion and initiative, yet sparse on technique and finesse. My vision for attending Brandeis University is to parallel my level of technique with my firm level of determination. Given Brandeis University’s renown in the realms of Middle Eastern and Israel Studies, I plan on honing my abilities to work in–and transform–these fields of academia. My studies at Brandeis will empower me to represent more fluently, and engage more directly, the country to which I pledge allegiance.

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