Equality and Community

Why Brandeis?

Since my childhood, I have been disturbed by inequality and injustice in the world. I felt like a solitary beacon of humanitarianism upon a coast of apathy and egoism. The idea of college life, then, was unnerving to me; I imagined attending a school full of ruthlessly competitive students of my own ability or higher, indifferent to the plights of others.

Finding Brandeis was a profound relief for me. The prospect of attending a school founded on a desire for equality, where students interact amiably and noncompetitively, seemed a dream come true. Even after my first visit to Brandeis in July, though, I was skeptical- could a school really be so rigorous and yet so accommodating, so prestigious and yet so friendly, equally dedicated to liberal arts and to research? However, after talking to current students and attending the Fall for Brandeis open house, I have found that Brandeis truly does possess this unique balance of characteristics. I am now certain that this combination of rigorous academics, a friendly atmosphere, and a dedication to social justice makes Brandeis perfect for me.

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