Factors Influencing My Career Decision

We would like to know, in no more than 500 words, what experiences have led you to select your professional field and objective.

My decision to enter the field of business is based upon my familial and extracurricular experiences as well as through my personal endeavors. For instance, within my family, there is a strong tradition of business ownership. My father operates multiple businesses providing a variety of products and services while a number of my other relatives also manage their own companies, ranging from hair salons to used car lots. As a result of being surrounded by such influences, I have had the opportunity to observe not only the amount of effort it takes to accomplish the successful establishment of a company, but also the intangible reward that comes with it. This familial tradition of free enterprise has inspired me to pursue the study of entrepreneurship, possibly in conjunction with marketing, to effectively own and operate my own business.Another prominent factor in my attraction to entrepreneurship stems from my participation in an organization known as DECA. This club serves to educate and expose students to the world of business as well as provide them with the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency within this field by competing against other students. Through my involvement with this group, I received education regarding marketing and business ownership that has further developed my interest in entrepreneurship. I also discovered that, relative to other students, I excel in business-related topics. This was revealed to me first through my achievement of 1st place in the state competition and subsequently by receiving the Top 10 Award in the international competition. Through these accomplishments, I have come to the realization that I can successfully run a business in my future with higher-level education, which I hope to receive at Boston University.Furthermore, my personal undertakings often exhibit elements of business principles. Consequently, I would like to develop my knowledge of these in order to apply them to these endeavors and inevitably make them more successful and efficient. One such venture occurred when I was advertising myself as a peer tutor. Since I was not associated with any company, I was forced to do all of the marketing on my own. Although the basic level of knowledge I had obtained from a marketing class sufficed for this situation, it would have undoubtedly been more successful if I had a more thorough knowledge of the subject. Accordingly, I wish to pursue the study of business as an undergraduate in college.Ultimately, the discipline I plan to follow is business with a focus on entrepreneurship and marketing. A variety of factors have contributed to my decision to follow this course of study, the most prominent of which arise from my experiences. These have not only shown me the need for such education, but have also compelled me to major in it. I believe that Boston University has both the resources and the faculty to facilitate my learning of this subject, and, as such, I would truly like to attend this fine institution.

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