What experience or encounter do you bring to the diversity of college?

When I started high school, like most freshmen, I was unsure of what I wanted to study in college. I knew that I needed a major that I was interested in and excited me. It had to be something that drove me to be better everyday than I was the previous day. It needed to be something that I naturally excelled at academically. I wanted to make a difference and be remembered. To accomplish this goal, I took the hardest classes that I could in high school, preparing me for whatever path I would choose for my future. I noticed that I was an analytical learner, and performed especially well in my math and science courses. When I started sincerely considering majors in my junior year of high school, I looked very closely at the fields of science and business. I read all the books, magazine articles, and online journals that I could, and I talked to many adults about their college and career choices. I was becoming more interested in business as a choice. That is when I decided that I was going to need real, hands-on experience before finalizing my decision. I looked up summer programs at universities across the country for a program that would best fit my needs and interests. I discovered that the two-week, Summer Experience, pre-college program at the University of Notre Dame was just what I needed to help give me direction. I was accepted into the program and my first choice of classes, the business courses. As my parents and I made the flight, I began to wonder what my experience would be like. Would the classes suit me? How would I interact with students from across the country? Would I like living in a dorm, eating in the giant dining hall, and going to the classes? Would I fit in to college life in general? Once I arrived on campus, I realized that this program, and college, was going to be much better than I had anticipated. I loved the campus life including living in the dorm, having a roommate, making friends with everyone in my hallway, playing Frisbee in front of the dining hall, and all the people there in general. The classes were much more interesting and informative than I was anticipating. In fact, the second week of classes was an interactive business simulation where the class was divided into teams. I was the Chief Executive Officer of my team’s “company” and we came in second in the cumulative competition. Overall, it was a very rewarding and worthwhile program. More importantly, it solidified my decision and desire to pursue business as my major. I now know that I want to pursue this path in my life at Boston College because it has one of the best undergraduate business schools in the country and an excellent location and environment.

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