A Man of Convictions

Try to fit who you are in 500 words. Anything allowed!

I am well known for having many strongly held personal convictions. Whether people look fondly on my convictions or harness utter disdain for them is a completely different story. Some are seen to be outrageous, such as believing that dipping Wendy’s fries in Frosties is the greatest food marriage ever. Some are seen to be, at least to a limited extent, intelligent, including my belief that the loose criminal justice code used exclusively in professional sports can be largely attributed to its strong lobbying ties with the government. I have compiled three of my most popular and passionate convictions, which should be embraced or at the very least challenged by all. My most controversial belief is my pro-conservative view of politics. Brian, my brother and a philosophy major at Boston College, claims to have “liberal tendencies.” As such, I can say that my “conservative tendencies” have been adequately challenged and forever will be. Let me begin my political rant by stating that liberals do not have anyone as attractive and captivating as Sarah Palin. Even my mom unintentionally bought a pair of glasses making her look almost identical to Palin. Who cannot help but go rogue? In an appeal to more intelligent audiences, I explain that conservatism offers better economic and social frameworks. Being Catholic, I believe that conservatism best represents the Catholic view of issues such as abortion and the legitimacy of traditional family values. Fr. Ober, my truly legendary AP Modern European teacher, enlightened us to the great economists of Ricardo and Adam Smith, who essentially paved the way to our free market system. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that conservatism is superior because it supports retaining and perfecting the free market system of America, which has shown to be durable and reliable throughout American history. In addition, I am a regular reader of BusinessWeek magazine and have started to delve into economic works, so I am somewhat well-read in the field of business and have a limited basis by which to make economic conclusions. My rant is done. Speaking of convictions, I am sure that OJ is guilty. Sorry. I promise that my political rant and any mention of politics is over. Coke is unequivocally superior to Pepsi. I have a valid and prized view of this issue because I have lived in Atlanta, the headquarters of Coke, and Cleveland, a hotbed for Pepsi distribution and consumption. Also, there are no drinks that I refuse to drink and only three foods I refuse to consume: Brussels sprouts, corned beef, and escarole. As such, I am not susceptible to strange cravings for one food and inexplicable disdain for another. After many years of analysis, I have concluded that Pepsi has the same properties as carbonized sugar water with a negligible hint of citric and phosphoric acid. Coke has a sweet taste, yet it also has a slight spice taste, which is simply undeniable. My verdict is that every savory sip of Coke is an experience. Pepsi is simply the drink for the unrefined and sweet-toothed. No wonder the majority of the schools I am applying to are located in Coke territory, also referred to as the South. Lady GaGa is the best musician to ever exist. To begin, I believe that Lady GaGa is one of the most attractive women of the decade, a belief not so well received by my girlfriend. To put into terms even Descartes would understand—premise: Lady GaGa is the greatest artist of dance-pop—premise: and because dance-pop is the greatest genre ever—conclusion: therefore Lady GaGa is the greatest artist in all of music. Also, the mere fact that I am a male who even recognizes the name, Lady GaGa, further substantiates my conclusion. Lady GaGa’s presence is also felt in the dance world with her revolutionary dance moves, which I largely attribute to my world-famous dancing skills. Ultimately, the uniqueness and addicting nature of her beats and lyrics makes her tunes timeless. Even though I have explained three of my most prominent convictions, I have many others that I feel passionately about. Should I go to the College of William and Mary, I will enlighten its community with my sometimes intelligent and largely humorous beliefs.PS: I am convinced that Virginia is the best state in the Union.

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