Bates College: a Perfect Fit

This answers the question of why I wanted to attend Bates College.

Bates college provides an environment that I would enjoy working in for the next four years. From the beautiful campus to a challenging, expansive academic curriculum, Bates offers all of the qualities I have been searching for in a college. When I began my college search, I knew that I wanted to go to school in New England. With its excellent location in main, Bates easily fulfilled that aspect of my search. Next, I wanted to find a unique learning environment that would still offer extensive extracurricular opportunities. With a small faculty to student ratio, and over 70 clubs and organizations, Bates easily fit into my college search. However, as a prospective English major, the most important aspect of Bates that has led to my application is the extent of its English program. After browsing the course catalog that I received from Bates, I saw the amount of English classes available and was awestruck. After researching the 4-4-1 calendar, I decided that Bates has a unique schedule into which I would love to incorporate my English studies. The prospect of extending my English studies during the short term by having options such as traveling to England to study Shakespeare enthralled me, and I would love to be able to participate in studies that cannot take place during the regular terms. The offering of a first year seminar, with a maximum of 15 students, was also a factor in my decision to apply to Bates. The unique seminar environment is something I would look forward to in attending Bates, and the focus on successful college writing would enable me to become an even better writer entering a concentration in English. After speaking with students while visiting Bates as a junior, my impression of Bates was a positive one, and from that point I had planned on applying to Bates. After more research this past summer and fall, I have found that Bates has more to offer than just the beautiful campus and personable students that I encountered upon my visit. Bates offers a unique learning environment that would enable me to expand my English studies, and its location and student life would magnify my college experience. These are the reasons that I have specifically chosen Bates, and Bates offers everything that I desire in a college.

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