“Why here? Why now?”


What goals, ambitions, or motivations have led you

to apply for admission to Simon’s Rock College?

Are there particular experiences, either academic or

personal, that have contributed to your desire to

begin college early? What do you imagine life will

be like for you at Simon’s Rock, and how do you

think your presence will affect the college commu-


Attendance at Simon’s Rock would give me extraordinary opportunities that my current educational and social context lacks. Its challenging academics, small size, artistic and athletic opportunities, and cultural diversity make Simon’s Rock a place at which I would thrive – and one to which I would contribute all my best abilities. I seek classes that expand my knowledge of the world instead of high school courses that, even at the “college level,” require little more than memorization and studying for a single test. I am ready to take genuine college courses that challenge me I have always wanted to go to a small college because of the closeness and interaction between everyone there. Because I am from the small town of Auburn, Alabama, the close-knit family at Simon’s Rock College will be very familiar to me and this environment will help me feel at home. I want to be in a place that supports and enhances my love for the arts. I play the piano, sitar, and flute. I have taken many different types of dances and am currently studying modern and Indian classical dance. I sing in both Hindi and English and play in several high school bands. It has always been an ambition of mine to compose music. This summer I took painting classes that I enjoyed very much, and I would like to expand my ability in all the arts at the college level. Another appealing aspect of Simon’s Rock College is its diverse student body. I have grown up in a society that does not welcome new ideas or different kinds of people. It has sometimes been difficult to live here and have my voice heard. I like to try new things and meet people with ideas and thoughts different than mine, and I know I would find opportunities for both at Simon’s Rock College. I am also impressed by the Kilpatrick Athletic Center. I have recently been paying more attention to my health and fitness. It is very encouraging to know that such a highly academically accredited school also accommodates for the physical wellness of students. Upon attending Simon’s Rock College, I would do everything I could to help the school community flourish. I anticipate forming learning groups in which people could share knowledge and skills. I have often volunteered at places such as the local hospital that need extra help, and I would very much like to volunteer while at Simon’s Rock as well. Further, I feel that with the rich experience of Simon’s Rock behind me I would be prepared to contribute a great deal to the world. Simon’s Rock College is the ideal place for me to grow in every aspect of life and prepare to give back all I can to society. I know I will thrive in the academically challenging and socially diverse atmosphere at this college and look forward to becoming a part of this unique college community.

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