Why am I interested in Babson College

Why are you interested in Babson College (200 word maximum)?

Strongly believing profits and social responsibility need not be a zero-sum game, Babson’s curriculum dovetails with my desire to be a social entrepreneur.

In today’s reality, those who want to make a positive difference to our world not only require empathy and vision but also entrepreneurial and technical knowhow. From pitching to donors and institutions to researching on the Bloomberg to compiling code for fundraising platform, leveraging and refining these skills with the help of a Babson education will ensure I realize my full potential.

To pursue my passions in various disciplines, I plan to enroll in EPS3503: New Technology Ventures to solidified my understanding of technology in business; I also hope to take EPS3501:Entrepreneur and Opportunity and EPS3583:The Enlightened Observer to pinpoint business opportunities in social trends and issues. Academics aside, I am attracted to Babson’s very international student body. This vibrant diversity will undoubtedly increase my intercultural acumen. I look forward to sharing my multicultural background to my peers at Babson.

With a degree from Babson, I will be ready to tackle global issues with meaningful vision and decisive action.

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