My Unconventional Path from China to Babson

One way Babson defines itself is through the notion of creating great economic and social value everywhere. How do you define yourself and what is it about Babson that excites you?

Raised in China, I did not follow the mold of a “traditional” Chinese girl. I never liked to sit down and practice calligraphy or stand still to play the flute, or be told that I should not major in anything related to business and politics, since that was “suited for males”. Instead, I loved being adventurous and running outside to discover where the ants went after the rain, and discussing where the money went after the economic crisis with my peers in school; studying in America, I challenge school policies I believe need changed and am fearless to run for difficult leadership positions. Now I am ready to take on more rigors challenges in society.

I define myself as someone passionate about international studies and effective leadership, so Babson is truly an inspiring place. I wish to double concentrate in Leadership and Global and Regional Studies at Babson to take one step closer to my dream—establishing a self-funding NGO on a global scale, to eradicate preventable childhood diseases and utilizing my leadership to build a better and brighter future for suffering children. Babson’s unique programs, institutions and opportunities will bring me one step closer to realizing my dream.

The Leadership concentration will teach me to influence others positively, and build effective teams, while the Global and Regional Studies concentration will allow me to explore different global communities and cultures and have a deeper understanding of regional politics and globalization. These are all useful resources which I can take one step closer to my ultimate goal.

Aside from Babson’s unique concentrations, there are many other parts of Babson that truly attract me. One of the core learning goals at Babson is entrepreneurial thinking and acting, which I believe is most important factor for success in making an organization. I know that studying at Babson will prepare me to grasp any opportunities that appears in front of me. Also, I am excited to possibly join the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership. This will empower me to become the female leader I aspire to be: one who is reliable, effective and innovative and makes a positive impact, starting in the community around me. Outside the campus in Massachusetts, the semester in San Fransisco program would allow me to experience a variety of organizations, including many start-ups, which I can learn how to successfully start a self-funding NGO myself.

I am not afraid of the obstacles in the future, because Babson could prepare me to become a compelling leader and an NGO starter with a global entrepreneurial vision. Babson is the place for me to start chasing my dreams.

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