Body Aches [:

Personal Statement, An experience in your life that has affected what you want to do in your life.

My palms were sweating. My heart was beating out of my chest. “When you go in, you might want to put on a mask so you don’t smell them, and make sure you are wearing your universal precautions!” I was about to see and explore inside of dead bodies. In a room full of seniors aspiring to get into the medical field, I was the lone junior, and I thought I wanted to become an architect! The body bags were unzipped; only intensifying the smell of embalming fluid. Why was I here? I do not want to become a doctor! “Arielle, you’re going to be with us, and we’re starting on body number one. Are you ready?” No I am not ready! I am about to open up a dead person! The flaps of the body bag were folded up, and there it was. Body number one. I was staring at an actual dead body. Suddenly, the nerves had vanished. The butterflies had gone away. I was staring at a dead body. It was cool! I was able to apply everything I had learned in Health Occupations that year to the body I was looking at. I was able to identify almost every bone, muscle, and organ I saw. My group relied on me to identify everything, and that’s when I realized I have a gift for this! I want to help people, I want to make a difference in the world; so, why should I become an architect? The human body is like a building, and I feel that going into orthopedic surgery would combine my love for medicine and architecture. Every bone is like a piece of wood, constructing the frame to a building to keep it from falling. That day in the cadaver lab helped me realize my true calling in life. Being a three-sport athlete for the past four years has gotten me acquainted with sports medicine and the basic fundamentals; however, when I entered into Honors Health Occupations 1-2 my junior year, the more in-depth look into medicine was my true epiphany in high school. I am currently enrolled in Honors Health Occupations 3-4, and in-depth studies of anatomy and physiology have taught me some of the most incredibly fascinating things I have ever learned.

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