Ten Facts about Cindell

Free Response: Tell us something about yourself that makes you a unique addition to our community.

1. At four, her dad left a pot of coffee on the counter (a pot meaning twelve cups) while he went upstairs to take a shower. She climbed on the counter, took out a mug and drank the entire thing by herself. When her father came back downstairs he decided he must not have made a pot of coffee after all. She didn’t correct him.2. One her first day of kindergarten, she was so excited that she would call out the names of shapes before anyone else when the teacher pointed to them on the felt board, but she always forgot to raise her hand. Then the teacher yelled at her for not giving anyone else a chance. Squares were her favorite.3. At recess she used to play “dinosaurs” with her best friends Jordan, Bryan, and Kevin. Kevin and Bryan were the dinosaurs, and all recess long they would chase after her and Jordan, pretending that they were going to eat the girls.4. Her second grade teacher gave her and a friend a book about ghosts to read, because the teacher had noticed how interested in the subject they were. After spending hours reading about horrifying and “true” experiences of families around the country, she was terrified that when she showered she would open the curtain to find some sort of creepy-crawly ghoul waiting to gobble her up. 5. Despite being afraid of heights, she jumped off of a 20 foot bridge ten times in one day. Nine times were willing; on the tenth, she accidentally slipped and thanked God that she landed in water and would live to type this paragraph .6. In 2005 she moved to a new school in a new town. Everyone at the new school thought she was a high school kid who’d been suspended and ordered to do community service. 7. At a slumber party with people she thought she was “too cool” for, she met the best friends she would ever have. At that same time she learned that because some kids aren’t “popular” or seem a little weird (who was she to judge, this girl who never wears pants, but rather, leggings?) doesn’t mean they aren’t as worthy of friendship as others. Really, they’re probably better friends. They won’t sell your secrets for popularity or belittle you to seem cool, because they don’t care what other people think.8. In April of her junior year, she went to Washington D.C. with the History club. She marveled at the way the cherry blossoms stood out against the grays and tans of the stone buildings like a pleasant blush on the cheeks of a small child. One night at IHOP she recounted a childhood memory that made her English Teacher nearly choke to death, and left both he and the History teacher in tears. It was a rather fantastic trip.9. She was accepted to the St. Paul’s School Advanced Studies Program and had the most amazing time meeting new people, spending every night out in Lowell Dome taking pictures of distant galaxies, coming up with plans to survive a zombie apocalypse, square dancing with over 200 other students, and having slumber parties in her loft with her roommate until lights out on Saturdays.10. For her Senior Project she decides to explore Paranormal Investigation. She can’t wait to interview people about their firsthand experience with paranormal phenomena, and then attempt to gather quantitative evidence that either proves or disproves an alleged haunting. She never thought that a childhood fascination with ghosts could become a course of study in high school.

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